Book Clubs

This school year, in addition to our usual private tutoring, Successful Students will be offering Virtual Book Clubs for students entering 2nd grade - 12th grade. The students will be grouped by age and the clubs will be led by one of our experienced and certified teachers. Each week the students will be responsible for reading and completing a follow up activity or thoughtful question. Then, once a week, the students along with the teacher, will get together virtually for 45 minutes to 1 hour to discuss the book, complete follow up activities, etc.

Each club will run differently depending on the age group. The clubs will be 3-7 students and the goal is to provide an outlet for the kids to interact, stay engaged, and have some FUN. The clubs will run for 6 weeks. Virtual Book Clubs are $300 per student and the books are included. If you know a group of friends who would be interested, you can form your own small group or we can place your child in a group with new friends. Please let us know if you your child would be interested in joining one of our Virtual Book Clubs!