Group Tutoring

Tutoring sessions in a group environment is an effective way to give your child extra support while reducing costs.  We currently offer tutoring to groups of two-to-three students at 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade levels, as well as ELA/Math Test Prep. There are many benefits to group tutoring, especially preparing your child for the later part of their lives.

Group tutoring helps students to learn how to be part of and work as a team.  Every student has an opportunity to share ideas and help one another build on knowledge.  This also allows students to work together in a group and work on respecting others and their views while learning from one another.  Group tutoring allows students to have deep conversations around content and helps work on their questioning. Lastly, a benefit of group tutoring is helping students to work on their social skills and how to more effectively interact with peers.

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