G&T Test Preparation

Gifted and Talented admission can open up an academic world of enrichment and opportunity for a student.  Our tutors will help your child develop their poise and accurately demonstrate their abilities specifically for G&T admission exams.

Preparing for the G & T test does not need to be stressful, here at Successful Students NYC we can help relieve stress by preparing your child by familiarizing them with the type of content that they can anticipate seeing as well as the format of the test.  The G & T test is administered to children that are entering grades K-3.

The Gifted and Talented test is comprised of two sections, a verbal and non-verbal section.  Within the verbal section, our tutors will cover verbal reasoning and verbal comprehension. The non-verbal section will include Pattern completion, serial reasoning, reasoning by analogy and spatial visualization.  We recommend at least ten sessions prior to the test so that the tutor can fully prepare your child for each section of the test so that they feel prepared and confident.