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My two children have used tutors from Successful Students for years.  They are so accommodating; they provide the tutoring sessions in home and are reasonably priced.  They differentiate instruction based on my children's needs and they always give me updates on my children's progress.  Their state test scores improve each year and got them into a good NYC Public Middle School! So, so grateful.  

- Betty Frons

It’s only been 4 weeks but I wanted to let you know that we both love Caryn.  My daughter said she is the best tutor she has ever had. - Upper East Side Mom

For the last three years, Danielle tutored my two children,  both in public elementary school. The most important aspect of Danielle's tutoring was the personal interest she took in my children. That connection is paramount.  Danielle's patience and her love of teaching was clearly evident as I never heard my children say "No" when told to do her assignments.  Her easy going nature combined with her understanding of how to focus a child on a subject has helped them excel. In fact, my youngest is now in the G&T program and I am sure, a large part of that was due to Danielle. Danielle  accurately assessed my children's capabilities and deficiencies and then tailored her lesson plans accordingly. She strengthened their weakest areas and pushed them to excel in their better ones.  Moreover, Danielle was always available to discuss my children's progress, and she provided me novel ways to keep them engaged in learning.  It is without any hesitation that I would recommend her to any parent looking for a tutor.

 - Glenn F. Hardy PC

Thank you so much for all of your help with my son this year. We were so worried about the state tests and the tutor did an amazing job at preparing him for the test. In addition, his writing improved tremendously! The tutor really worked with him on his organization, elaboration and mechanics. We will see you in September when we will begin tutoring again! Many thanks!

- Stacy Spivack

After my daughter expressed interest in learning to read in preschool, I contacted Successful Students NYC and they perfectly matched a tutor for my daughter. The tutor came to our home each week, working with my daughter playing sound, sight and word games as well as working through a curriculum with weekly updates. The updates allowed me to follow through on the tutoring sessions helping my daughter to continue to build on her learning.
I was fortunate to be connected with Successful Students NYC while my 2yr old was challenged with tubes in his ears, and had a delay in speech. He had bi-weekly sessions which worked on his word association and I am happy to say he is incredibly chatty and conversational, linking multiple words, and stringing sentences and thoughts together.
I highly recommend Successful Students NYC to enhance, encourage and employ the education techniques of today on your child. I saw immediate improvements in my children in two very different scenarios.
- S. Hartigan

Successful Students were recommended to us by a friend.  They have been extremely flexible, generous and found someone our daughter responds to.  We have worked with them for the last 4-5 months and will definitely continue.  I would highly recommend them.  They listen, are very organized.  She enjoys reading, is happy to extrapolate important information and is much more organized and prepared to go into any test with a whole new confidence level.  Thank you Successful Students very much we have been extremely happy with all the good work that you have done.

- Allison J.

Loved working with this organization!  A pure God sent! Highly recommended.

- Havo V. Manhattan, NY


  • "Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone."
  • "Dr. Smith is the best! She took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient."